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Ewe lambs

Two ewe lambs sired by the multi-championship winner Broomwell Wallander
One ewe lamb by Hunland Viscount

Ram lambs

Two ram lambs by Broomwell Wallander

Coloured ram lamb

One ram lamb (out of white parents) sired by Broomwell Wallander

Starter pack

With one of the Ryeland ram lambs, we can also offer an unrelated gimmer and an unrelated one-crop ewe. The gimmer is by Hunland Viscount and out of a ewe by Broomwell Alleluiah while the one-crop ewe is by Mansel Solitaire and out of a ewe by Broomwell Fisichella.

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Show season ends for Lockerbie Lamb

Two local shows at the start and end of August brought our travels to an end for this ear - and what a season it has been!

Some amazing results, sunshine early on, but quite a few soakings along the way. That's me and Lulu pictured above sheltering at Dumfries show which was at the beginning of August.

Nearly 100 Ryelands and Coloured Ryelands entered this show so there were lots of friends to catch up with and big classes for the judges.

These pictures were taken just before a hefty shower which soaked the manager when she was in the ring but she was more than consoled when Wallander won first prize in his class.

With judging going on in both sections at the same time, LB was in charge of the coloureds Whopper and Whisper who teamed up together to take second prize in the pairs.

This is Whisper in her class (note LB is much smarter than the manager and was wearing a waterproof)

But out of all the prizes won on the day, the one that brought the biggest smile to the manager's face was a 'late addition' to the team. At all the shows this year, she had not shown a Ryeland breeding ewe but at Dumfries six-year-old ewe Ruth joined the party. Loving her day out she strutted her stuff and was awarded second prize, Here she is in the ring:

So a happy day all round

At the end of the month we made our last outing of the season - a short trip to Raehills Meadow for Moffat Show. Another show, another first prize for Wally - he's such a dude!  

 Looks like Wally and Whopper might have fallen out in the trauler on the way to the show!

Look - short sleeves and sunglasses - (but there was a rainshower too!) For the only time this year the manager's dogs were allowed to come to the show. They usually stay at home because Freddie gets very over-excited but he managed to more or less behave himself !

This is me and Lulu with Millie - she always behaves herself!

And so 2017 show season comes to an end - and what a season it's been four breed championships for Wally, two for Whisper and a male title for Bill, a pile of rosettes and a tableful of trophies - we are obviously lucky mascots indeed!

Rain, rain go away....

Hi folks, sorry we've been a bit quiet lately but we've only just dried out from our last two shows!

First up was the Great Yorkshire show. We set off with four Ryelands and three Coloured Ryelands for this three-day event in Harrogate.

Weather was fine when we arrived the day before the show and all was well. However, Tuesday morning saw persistent rain from the word go and it was at this point the manager realised how badly prepared she was for wet weather.

Nearly four hours in out of the show-ring with only an old waterproof and no hat, the manager could have given any drowned rat a run for its money!

Lulu and me? Well, we opted just to stay in the nice dry pen with the sheep - nae fun spectating in that! Here we are just chillin' in the pens.

But despite the rain, the manager said it was all worthwhile with another lovely lot of prizes in the ring. This time Wallander had to step back from the limelight as Bill (Hunland Viscount to give him his proper name) was male champion and reserve overall. 

Bill in the ring ...

...and back in the pen with his rosette.

The manager was also delighted when ewe lamb Xandra won her class, exactly seven years since her mother Nula did the same at this show. (However, Xandra didn't get a visit in the ring from Princess Anne like her mum did!) Xandra joined up with Wally and Sheila to win the group class too so she had a great day.

A very soggy group class with expert handler Jim Arthur.

Here's the manager with the fabulous Scottish supporters Janet and Jim Arthur who braved the whole downpour to watch the judging and were still smiling at the end!

Ironically once all the judging was finished, the rain stopped at stayed off for the rest of the show.
We were very lucky to be staying in the fabulous tent of Debbie Bostock who kindly put us up for the whole show and her brilliant tent stayed cosy and dry.

So the next day we went exploring round the showground and looking to see if I could find anything as exciting as being on the champion showjumper at the Highland Show.

And I got very excited when I found something which would take me to new heights....

A Ferris wheel - yay!

But  excitement soon turned to disappointment....

I wasn't tall enough to go on the ride on my own - and even more disappointingly neither the manager nor any of her friends would take me on it. What a bunch of fearties!

Anyway here are a few more snaps from our tour of the showground:

This is us having tea in Fodder restaurant with our neighbour Andrew Parker photobombing our picture. And no, apparently Debbie is not sleeping (just checking her phone, she says!)

Anyway we had a lovely time - as did the manager and Debbie, think the gin might have had something to do with that!

Cheers folks!

A less than a couple weeks later we were heading south of the border once more and this time the manager was well prepared for rain with a full set of waterproofs - and a hat!
 Oh and boy did she need them.
 If she got properly wet in Yorkshire, then she got absolutely drowned at Penrith. A makeshift canopy kept the sheep kinda dry until they went in the ring where, at times, the rain was of monsoon proportions!

Her's me and Lulu sheltering with the sheep.

And here's a few pictures from the judging:

And what has turned out to be a fab season carried on with Wallander winning the Ryelands and Whisper wining reserve champion in the coloureds, Both ewe lambs, Xandra and Dotty (coloured) also got firsts and Wally, Sheila and Xandra won the group class again. 

Again, once all the showing was over, the rain eventually stopped and LB even managed the take her jacket off.

I have to admit that Lulu and me mostly stayed in the car (sensible, we are) but later we took the chance to meet up with friends Molly and Zebedee from the Orchard House flock.

Soon it was time to go home but it was a bit touch and go getting out of the field which had turned into a mudslide by this time. But despite a few slips and slids, the good old Renault Koleos managed to avoid the indignity of being towed out and managed to pull the trailer out onto the road under his own steam - phew!

But our travels that weekend were not over as the next day we headed to Kinross where Scottish Ryeland folk had a get-together at the home of Eddie and Janice Henderson. There were talks by a vet, advice of showing sheep, wool handling talks and a demonstration of spinning as well as a chance to see some fabulous garments made from Ryeland and Coloured Ryeland wool by the very talented Ricky Smyth.
Lula and me had a grand view of proceeding from the top of a round bale where we hung out all day with out Barony family friends

Tomorrow (Monday July 31) is the Scottish national show which this year is being held at Turriff Show in Aberdeenshire. Unfortunately, the manager can't go to this one (this damned work interfering with showing, she was heard muttering) but there is an amazing 104 sheep entered so we hope you all have a fabulous day - and may the sun shine on you!

Lockerbie Lamb returns to the Highland Show

Well, Lulu and me are just back from a fun-filled week at the Royal Highland Show - albeit a bit of a windy one!

After last year's partying, I was more prepared for this year's experience but it was definitely all a bit of a learning curve for Lulu.

As there are no classes for Coloured Ryelands at the show, Lulu lent her full backing to the five Broomwell Ryelands which travelled up to Ingliston on Wednesday.

Judging, as always, was on the first day of the show on Thursday and the manager's assistant LB was first into the ring with Bill (Sunday name Hunland Viscount).

Here she is in the ring

And here she is getting the first prize!

And so a great day started with all five sheep getting a rosette.

But pride of place went to Wallander when he won the championship!

Here's me and Lulu hanging out at the pen while the celebrations started

The following day the manager and LB did manage to see a bit of the show - and they took me and Lulu with them. Here we are setting off.

And guess where the first stop was - the gin bar!

Cocktails were good!

It was party time again at night when all the Ryeland dudes got together again for the now legendary cocktail party in the sheep lines.

Lulu and I joined in - but it turned out a bit traumatic for me when an alarming case of sheep worrying took place!

Yes, that's me in the jaws of a dog called Bear - but fortunately no damage was done!

Here's some more party snaps:

Saturday was a bit quieter - someone said that might have been something to do with the aftermath of Colin's cocktails - some of which was served out of a fire extinguisher!

Wally had a lovely chilled out day, meeting his public !

On Sunday we were out and about again round the showground with the manager's friends Pam and Andrew and what an amazing trip it turned out to be.

We saw a van that looked like a heilan' coo.

Then we enjoyed watching a bit of the showjumping

Then Andrew introduced me to the winner of the leading showjumper award at the show - and the next thing I knew and was sitting with James Smith on his magnificent horse! Slightly terrified, I was, but thank you, James, for being such a good sport! (Lulu was very jealous!)

 Phew what a day - and what a show!

Next trip -Great Yorkshire Show, see ya!

Royal Highland Show 2010

Royal Highland Show 2010
First prize senior ram Broomwell Johnny Depp